SKU Sy 0010

Sleeve, best quality, own production

Replaces the viscous coupling. Only usable in conjunction with switchable four-wheel. In exchange for your old broken Visco clutch!
(Plus refund 270, - € for old parts)
399,00 € incl tax
Delivery time: available now

Connection sleeve as a replacement for the viscous coupling

In conjunction with the switchable four-wheel, you now have a real 4x4, without driving force loss.
Due to the sleeve, the driving force is 100% on the front u. Forwarded rear axle.

The speed differences between the front and rear axles are NOT compensated, as is the case with the viscous clutch.

Therefore, please note the following points:

  • The all-wheel drive may only be used in the off road
  • The connecting sleeve may only be used in conjunction with the selectable all-wheel drive
  • If you do not have a selectable four-wheel drive, it must be retrofitted
  • By switching on the four-wheel drive in normal road traffic (paved roads) it can lead to severe drive damage and tension in the drive train be armed
  • Anyone who installs our connecting sleeve is aware that this should only be used in exceptional situations and that any claims for consequential damage are void

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