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[SG] Cardan Shaft in exchange, Synrco, more than two Universal Joints new: see Description

In exchange for old parts! Note: Shipping bulky (Plaese ask for costs to your country)!
Plus refund 120, - € for old parts
559,00 € incl tax
Delivery time: available now
Our experience has shown that the used cardan shaft, which we get in exchange, used for very many miles and therefore there is a high wear and tear. So we had decided:
We do not make emergency repairs, e.g. just replace universal joints.
  With us you will receive a cardan shaft with:
2 new universal joints,
1 new 4-arm-shaft,
1 new Guibo coupling,
2 brass Bucheen (special order)
examined, judged, balanced
When ordering, always order Old Part Refund within.
When I get the used part I return the old part refund.